A few days ago, AT&T expanded the features of their prepaid GoPhone plans. I am a subscriber of the $60 GoPhone plan, and am very pleased about this. AT&T added 500MB of extra data for a total of 2.5GB, and personal hotspot capability for for this particular smartphone plan. AT&T also added more data to their $40 smartphone plan bringing it up to 500MB. However, I don’t think this would of happened without the help of T-Mobile’s aggressive pricing, and advertising. As many of you know, T-Mobile has for the past year moved to a new type of subscription model. They are calling this their no contract Un-carrier model, and it’s actually pretty cool. I think contracts are really lame, that’s why I prefer the prepaid plans; not having to do a credit check is a huge bonus too :p.

In my opinion, T-Mobile’s move has been the catalyst to get the other carriers in motion to start making smart consumer oriented discussions. T-Mobile’s amazing pricing has also forced all the other carriers to begin lowering their own prices to logical amounts.

AT&T has had there Mobile Share Family plan for a few months now that costs $160 a month for 10GB of data, and unlimited talk & text for 4 lines. This is a nice price for a sizable amount of data on a great network.

Verizon Wireless now has a new MORE Everything plan out where you can get 4 lines for $160 a month, and the same amount of data, voice and text as AT&T. If you don’t mind their invasive tracking for marketing purposes, then they have great service at a good price.

Both the Verizon Wireless, and AT&T plans are available without a contract; thanks to T-Mobile.

There is a bit of a catch however. If you decide to not purchase a device outright, you are bound by an agreement to pay monthly installments for it. If you cancel service with the carrier, you have to pay off the rest of the device immediately with T-Mobile and AT&T Next, or continue paying for the device in monthly installments with Verizon Edge. So this sort of is like a contract, just not on the service.

Overall though, it appears that the cellular situation in America is improving, slowly but surely. It’s pretty obvious in my opinion that we have T-Mobile to thank for this. Without their un-carrier initiate, we’d be stuck paying crazy prices for subpar features, service and be locked into long-term contracts.

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