Today, Google kicked off their I/O conference, and announced several new products. These products range from wearables to Android integration in the car.

Let’s start with Android Wear. Android Wear is Google’s version of Android for smartwatches. Google claims that Android Wear allows you to quickly get all the information you need at a glance. Google gave examples of this including calling a cab, texting a friend, traffic information, and several other features that Android Wear smartwatches can do. Google also claims that Android Wear extends Android’s app ecosystem and brings it to your wrist.

Google announced that starting today you can order the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, both running Android Wear on Google Play. The Motorola Moto 360 will be available in the coming months, Google says.

Another big announcement from Google today is Android Auto. Android Auto allows you to connect your Android device to your car, and get access to several features right from your cars controls. These include driving directions, music, voice search, and reminders. These features are powered by Google Maps, Play Music, and Google Now respectively. Several additional third-party apps will also be supported.

Android Auto will be available later this year, Google states.

Google is also updating the Chromecast. This update brings the ability to set a custom homescreen, cast your Android devices screen to your television, and allow others to cast to your Chromecast without being on the same WiFi network.

Another announcement from Google today is a new product in addition to Chromecast, called Android TV. With Android TV you will be able to do voice searches to find whats on TV, a movie from a specific time frame, and music videos just to name a few. Android TV also runs Android games, and supports Google Cast technology.

Google states Android TV will be available as part of your TV, or from a separate set-top box later this year.

Source: Google

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