Heartbleed is one of the biggest, most dangerous bugs ever. It exposed millions of peoples’ personal information to hackers and thieves. The NSA is also believed by some to have been exploiting it for years. It is said that the NSA knew about the bug for at least 2 years. It’s very infuriating that they didn’t report the bug themselves. Some might say, “But Andrew, it’s in the name of national security!” You know what, it’s in the name of worldwide security that they REPORT the bug! Hell, why don’t they just bend the OpenSSL developers over a barrel and force them to add a backdoor like they do with everything else! That’s if Heartbleed wasn’t the backdoor already. Obviously, I don’t have proof of anything, but I’ve always been suspicious of what the NSA is doing since the Snowden leaks, and I wouldn’t put it past them of doing something like this.

I’m just stunned that it took so fucking long to find this bug and finally fix it. Especially since it seems so easy to exploit. How many sites have, and how many will be affected is still to be seen.

I’d love to hear your opinion on Heartbleed. Please leave a comment below!

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