Right now, you probably have a Gmail, Outlook.com, or Yahoo email address. That’s fine and all, but you might be thinking “What if I want to switch providers?” What happens is you have to get a new email address, and then go through the bother of updating it with everyone. How can you fix this problem, and get a very personalized domain name? You can setup a custom domain email address!

Now, you’re probably wondering how to go about doing that. Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all!

To get started, you need to acquire a domain name. This process is pretty easy and affordable. You just need to think up a cool name, and check if it’s available. If it is, you can register it. I highly recommend Namecheap as a registrar.

Once you’ve registered your domain name. You need to pick a email provider. Two that I recommend are Zoho and Hushmail. Zoho has quite a few features, and is free. Hushmail has a nice amount of options and good privacy features, but is paid. There are many other providers too, do some research and choose one, as this is what you’ll be using to access your email.

After you’ve chosen your provider, you’ll need to setup the MX records for your domain with your DNS provider. If you used Namecheap to register your domain, you can just use their “Free DNS.” The setup process differs between DNS and email providers, so you’ll need to check with them on how to do this. The process should be fairly painless though.

Now that your MX records are setup, the only thing left to do is wait for it to go live. After that, you should be able to send and receive email using your new custom domain.

The image used in the header above is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

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