Leap Motion Review

August 11, 2014

The Leap Motion controller allows for a whole new way to interact with your computer; with gestures! You can control Leap Motion supported applications using your hands, or a stick shaped object such as a pencil. How well does the Leap Motion perform? Read more below to find out!

Having used the Leap for about a week now, I can say there are more pros then cons. I use the Leap mostly with an application called BetterTouchTool on my MacBook Air. BetterTouchTool is used to control several OS operations, such as window snapping, launch applications, and open things like Launchpad and Mission Control on OS X. BetterTouchTool works pretty well with the Leap Motion controller. There are issues with 1 and 2 finger tracking on this app however. To be fair though, this might be an issue with the app more so then the Leap itself.

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion also works well with a variety of different applications. For example, in The Weather Channel app you can control the globe, and zoom level by simply doing motion gestures over the Leap. When I tried it with this app, it was quite accurate, however a few times the app would think I moved the globe when I hadn’t. This was also the case with the New York Times app. While I was able to scroll through the stories with about 90% accuracy, at times it would scroll as I was removing my hand from over the Leap, and not gesturing for it to do so.

The Airspace Store is nice as well. The UI is very user friendly, and there are quite a few apps and games to choose from. It’s as simple as opening the store, and clicking download. The app will then quickly install on to your computer, and be ready for use.

Airspace Store Home

The one thing the Leap doesn’t do very well yet, is palm up hand tracking. If you try to use the Leap with your palms facing up, it effectively doesn’t work. This is improving with software updates however, and the 2.0 beta software I am using with my Leap does improve this, however it really doesn’t work yet.

Leap Motion Visualizer

Overall, the accuracy of the Leap Motion’s tracking is pretty good. It is not perfect, but at a $79 price tag, it isn’t expected to be. It is a great product, with a large range of uses, and I highly recommend it.

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