Massdrop Review

September 18, 2014

Massdrop is a unique way of shopping. How Massdrop works is several people join or commit to join a drop. A drop is essentially a product, for example a mechanical keyboard. Along the way, there are a few price drops that occur depending on how many people join or commit to join a drop. When the drop ends, Massdrop submits the order to the manufacturer, and when Massdrop receives the order, they ship your item to you. By shopping this way, you save a lot of money.

How it works:

How a drop begins is by a user who is interested in a product starts a poll. You and others can then vote on this poll. When a poll gets enough votes, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer of the product and negotiates with them to get the best price. The drop will then begin, and last for about a week. It is during this period that you can join, or commit to join the drop. As more people join or commit to join the drop, the lower the price is for you, and everyone else who has joined.

When you join a drop, you are agreeing to buy the item regardless of what price is reached. When you commit to join a drop however, you are agreeing to only purchase the item if the price reaches the lowest level.

When the drop ends, you will be billed and Massdrop will submit the order to the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer gets the product into Massdrop’s hands, they quickly ship your item to you.

How long it takes to get your item:

From my experience, you’ll get your item about a week after the drop ends. So in total, from the start of the drop to the end; about 2 weeks.

What the site looks like:

Massdrop’s website has a nice, clean, and easy to use interface. I think screenshots will explain this better.

Massdrop's Homepage

Massdrop's Buy Page

Airspace Store Home

What the customer service is like:

I contacted Massdrop’s support with a question I had about a drop. I got a nice response back in about a day. Overall, the support is nice and pretty fast. However, don’t contact them last minute and expect to get a reply before the drop ends.


Massdrop is one of the best ways to shop online. There’s always great drops going on, and you save money in the process. Mix that with great customer service, and It’s really a win-win here.

All in all, I highly recommend shopping with Massdrop.

If you’d like to shop at Massdrop, you can sign up here with my referral link, and help me out as well.

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