Mou Review

July 06, 2014

Mou is a nice minimalistic Markdown editor for Mac OS X, and is developed by Chen Luo. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and very customizable. I use it to write all my articles for Pixel Jumble.

Mou is not only well designed, it also has a lot of nice features. It has great syntax highlighting, live preview, custom themes/CSS and synchronized scrolling just to name a few. Mou also has several actions that can be performed. There are just so many actions it can do that I thought an image could speak louder then words.

Mou Actions Menu

As for the design of Mou, it’s just pretty magnificent. It’s clean, minimal and just allows the writing to flow. It doesn’t get in the way, and I never feel like I’m fighting with it. The custom theme support also allows you to tweak it to fit your preference. I am currently using a custom theme made by Sam Rayner and the GeekPark article style CSS.

Mou Screenshot

On top of all this, Mou is blazing fast. It opens quickly, runs light on resources, and you can just get to writing right away.

Overall, Mou is just the best Markdown editor I’ve used. It really is a must have for any web developer that has a Mac.

If you’re interested (and you should be for good reason), you can download Mou here. Mou will run on Mac’s running OS X 10.7 or higher.

Source: Mou

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