Massdrop is a unique way of shopping. How Massdrop works is several people join or commit to join a drop. A drop is essentially a product, for example a mechanical keyboard. Along the way, there are a few price drops that occur depending on how many people join or commit to join a drop. When the drop ends, Massdrop submits the order to the manufacturer, and when Massdrop receives the order, they ship your item to you. By shopping this way, you save a lot of money.

Today, Apple announced record breaking numbers of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus preorders; with over 4 million units sold within the first 24 hours. Demand for the new iPhone has already exceeded initial stock, with many now having to wait until October to get theirs.

At today’s Apple event, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. This is one of the biggest events we’ve seen from Apple in recent years. One of the most exciting parts of the event is the announcement of the Apple Watch.

You may have a pair of headphones that requires more power to drive, or has a higher impedance then your iPhone or iPad can output. You want to use those headphones with your iPhone or iPad, but find yourself in a pickle because of this. Don’t worry, with a portable headphone amp you’ll be able to use most headphones with your iPhone or iPad.

Right now, two of the biggest internet radio services out there are iTunes Radio and Pandora Internet Radio. Both are solid contenders, however I believe that Pandora edges iTunes Radio out, and here’s why.