Today, Google kicked off their I/O conference, and announced several new products. These products range from wearables to Android integration in the car.

Last night, I installed my Comodo Positive SSL certificate for Pixel Jumble. This went relatively smoothly. I did run into one problem though; figuring out in which order to consolidate the certificates into one .pem file. I checked Comodo’s documentation, however the names it says the root and intermediate are called weren’t what I had. However, through some digging online and trial and error, I found the correct combination. That combination is:

You may have heard about Tor and wondered what it’s all about. Tor is an anonymity network that allows you to browse the web without anyone knowing your identity if used correctly. Tor works by sending your traffic through different relays and finally exiting one to your destination. At no time is it possible for the entrance relay to know where the traffic will end up, and the exit node to know where it originated from. These relays are run by volunteers, and in this tutorial I will explain how you can help by setting up a middle relay on CentOS 6.

Amazon has announced it’s latest member of the Fire family at an event today, and it’s called the Fire Phone. The Fire Phone is the latest competition in the smartphone arena.

Yesterday, the first Bitcoin wallet app was released in the App Store for iOS after Apple’s recent policy change.