A few days ago, I decided to switch from Seafile to a different cloud backup solution. I tried Pydio at first, however I found its desktop client to be rather slow and not very intuitive. It was also quite resource intensive on my 128MB SSD-Cached VPS I have with RamNode. What I want is a easy to setup, fast, and low resource requirement backup solution. So, I did some more research, and found out that rsync might just do what I want it to.

A few days ago, AT&T expanded the features of their prepaid GoPhone plans. I am a subscriber of the $60 GoPhone plan, and am very pleased about this. AT&T added 500MB of extra data for a total of 2.5GB, and personal hotspot capability for for this particular smartphone plan. AT&T also added more data to their $40 smartphone plan bringing it up to 500MB. However, I don’t think this would of happened without the help of T-Mobile’s aggressive pricing, and advertising. As many of you know, T-Mobile has for the past year moved to a new type of subscription model. They are calling this their no contract Un-carrier model, and it’s actually pretty cool. I think contracts are really lame, that’s why I prefer the prepaid plans; not having to do a credit check is a huge bonus too :p.

Yesterday, I upgraded my Seafile server to version 3.0.0, and it’s been buggy ever since. I can’t for the life of me get the iOS mobile app working with it. Every time I upload a file using the iOS mobile app, it can’t be downloaded again. The server just throws an error saying that it failed to download blocks. It was working fine with server version 2.1, but now it’s a load of shit.

Coming from the Shure SE lineup are the Shure SE215’s! These nice little IEM’s feature the iconic Shure design molded to comfortably fit in your ear canal, and provide a stellar seal with their olive ear sleeves. They have a high quality finish, and the enclosure is made of a durable plastic. The included wire however does feel a little bit chintzy at the point they connect into the ear phone. Included in the box is a small carrying pouch that works well for protecting the SE215’s, and includes a nice little slot to keep the ear sleeves and cleaning tool in. The pouch also has a small carabiner to clip it onto a backpack for example. Speaking of ear sleeves, Shure included a ton of those in the box. Both rubber and foam olive ear sleeves are included in small, medium, and large sizes. I’ll include a couple of pictures at the end of this review that shows the case and the SE215’s themselves.

Using their Kepler space telescope; NASA, has discovered a new Earth-like planet named Kepler-186f. NASA is reporting that this planet is orbiting around its own star similar to our sun. Given these conditions, it is thought that Kepler-186f may have water pooled on its surface. Other planets have been discovered in habitable zones before, however they have all been at least 40 percent larger then Earth, making it difficult to determine their makeup.