RamNode Review

April 17, 2014


What is RamNode? RamNode is a popular VPS hosting company. What this means is they host virtual private servers (VPS). You can then use the VPS for any server needs following their acceptable use policy.

I’ve been using RamNode myself for about a month now, and I have nothing but praise to sing about them. RamNode has always been fast, very reliable, and very little downtime. This site is being hosted from a RamNode VPS. I also have 2 other RamNode VPS’s being used for different purposes, and both are running smooth as silk. I’ve been able to measure over 400Mb/s down, and over 100Mb/s up from my RamNode VPS’s. That’s really freaking fast! RamNode also has great support, and are one of the few companies I’ve seen that has a IRC channel. Both staff and fellow users on there are great, helpful and friendly!

RamNode’s pricing is very affordable. Starting at $24/year you can get a OpenVZ VPS with the following specs:


128MB VSwap

1 CPU Core Access

10GB SSD Space (50GB with SSD Cached)

1Gbps Port

500GB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

16 IPv6 Addresses

Automated Weekly Backups




All the way up to $96/month for a beefy KVS VPS with the following specs:

4096MB RAM

4 CPU Core Access

45GB SSD Space (120GB for SSD Cached)

1Gbps Port

5000GB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address (+1 FREE)

16 IPv6 Addresses

Automated Weekly Backups



All of RamNode’s servers use either full SSD, or are SSD cached. SSD cached means that frequently accessed files are stored on blazing fast solid state drives while less frequently accessed files are stored on mechanical hard drives. No matter which storage type you choose, RamNode uses RAID10 to make sure you have redundancy protection. RamNode’s SSD servers use Intel E3 (3.3GHz+) CPU’s, and their SSD Cached servers use Intel E5 (2.3GHz+) CPU’s. All servers have a minimum of 32GB of RAM as well. Overall, that’s a lot of power under the hood!

One of the great things about using a VPS, is you get full, yes FULL ssh and root access! That’s really great for us geeks who love to get down and dirty, and tweak every little thing about our server :). As of the time of this writing, you can get an additional IP address free on any of RamNode’s VPS packages!

The methods of payment they accept are PayPal, and Stripe.

If you think that RamNode is the host for you, head over to their site and sign up here.

Image sources: RamNode

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