IMO: The Sony Hackers Have Won

December 19, 2014

It appears the Sony hackers have officially scared Hollywood. Sony Pictures chickened out like a bunch of cowards, and has cancelled The Interview. Another movie that was supposed to star, Steve Carell, that would have taken place in North Korea has also had the plug pulled.

What does this message send to the rest of the world? It says if some hacker douchebags threaten us enough, we’ll just throw out our right to free speech and expression. I’m glad to see American media companies have fallen to this level (sarcasm incase you couldn’t tell).

What does Sony Pictures need to do at this point? Release The Interview for free online right now. Just distribute torrents, and demonstrate that as Americans we don’t cave under the pressure of some nobodies.

By not releasing The Interview, Sony Pictures is showing that we can be censored, and our freedom of speech and expression oppressed.

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