I got my first smartphone back in the end of 2011, it was a BlackBerry Curve 8530. It was a fine little device, with it’s quirks here and there, but a well built device nonetheless. It had a great keyboard, the trackpad navigation was actually very nice, the UI layout was great, the keyboard was legendary, and it was built like a tank. I owned this device for about 2 years, and loved using it everyday. Messaging was it’s strong point, and It had the best support for email I’d ever seen. Push was always very consistent over BIS, and replying to them was just as quick and easy using the keyboard. Texting and BBM were also great on the device. It really was the perfect messaging device I’d used, and by used I mean every few seconds of the day! That doesn’t mean I didn’t use it all the time to stream video and music either.

Eventually though, the BlackBerry 5 OS that was installed was getting long in the tooth, and most apps only supported BlackBerry 7 OS. By the time I was looking to upgrade, BlackBerry 10 had been released, but it was just missing that charm that BlackBerry OS had and still does in my opinion. It also wasn’t looking good for BlackBerry on the financial front, so I didn’t know if they’d be around much longer. So, I decided to jump to Android in the middle of 2013, and picked up a Nexus 4. It was an ok device, but I missed my BlackBerry frequently. I just couldn’t get into Android, and I never have been able to. So after using that device until September of that year, I preordered day one an iPhone 5s.

My iPhone 5s arrived a couple days after launch, and it was a great device, much better then the Nexus 4. iOS and I gel better together then Android. My first thought about it was, “This thing is a beast!” The iPhone 5s could handle anything I threw at it. Safari is great, messaging is pretty good with the exception of email, security is nice, the app selection is huge, and iOS is beautiful and easy to use. It truly is a great phone. I used it all the time, frequently checking and writing emails, browsing the web, watching videos, and streaming music. It worked great, and still does to this day, but then the September 2014 Apple Event happened and the iPhone 6 Plus was announced. I just couldn’t resist, and had to preorder one, which is exactly what I did, and it arrived 4 days ago.

The reasons I went for the iPhone 6 Plus, is the bigger display, faster CPU and GPU, and Apple Pay might work with my financial institution in the future. Pulling it out of the box for the first time initiated a “Holy shit this thing is huge!” response in my brain. And that is true, this thing is a behemoth! After unboxing it, I quickly set off to set it up, and that was a pretty easy process as always. However, it wouldn’t work with my AT&T data service, and I tried for three days with support to try and fix it. However, they couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work, so I made the switch to T-Mobile. On T-Mobile, it works perfectly! Coverage is ok in my area, and the LTE is blazing fast, as in I’ve pulled near 80Mbps down fast! The display on the iPhone 6 Plus is gorgeous! It’s so pixel dense everything looks painted on in a great way. Watching video on it is like watching it on IMAX compared to other phones. It’s amazingly fast, and iOS 8 is as great as it’s ever been. It truly is the best phone I’ve ever used, except email. Email support on iOS has always been a bit wonky. The lack of IMAP IDLE support really puts a damper on email service provider support. For example, I can’t get push email on it from my Hushmail and Zoho accounts, as both need IMAP IDLE for this to work. However, in every other way it’s been the best phone I’ve ever owned!

Today though, something happened and I don’t know what, but I missed my BlackBerry again. I thought back about all the great times we had together, messaging and browsing the web, streaming media, and the clacking of the keyboard. Back in the day I thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread! Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, or maybe it’s the amazing email support. I just can’t stop missing it though, and haven’t been able to since I switched. Maybe I should just pickup a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and add another line, as that thing is still a nice messaging kit, with a fabulous keyboard, and should just fill that BlackBerry hole in my heart.

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