With all the recent reports of NSA spying, and other privacy invasion going on from other countries, you might feel like your privacy has been violated. And you should, for good reason too. That’s why you may feel like you want to protect your privacy online. One way to help you do that is to use what is called a Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short.

The way a VPN works is to create a secure tunnel that is encrypted from your computer to a server. Then, when you do something online instead of the traffic going directly to the destination, it goes through the VPN’s server and exits from there. This conceals your identity as your IP address and therefore your location is never exposed to the destination. It also helps defeat government surveillance as any captured data between your computer to the VPN would be encrypted.

A VPN can protect more then just your privacy when web browsing. Another popular reason many use a VPN is to conceal what they are downloading, usually while torrenting. A VPN is able to do this as the only IP that will be exposed to the tracker and other peers is that of the VPN’s.

However, it all comes down to the trustworthiness of your VPN. Some very important things to look out for is does the provider log, and what is their policy on DMCA requests. If they log at all, stay far away from them, also if they say they forward DMCA requests to the user, this means they log and again stay far away. What you are looking for is a VPN provider that doesn’t log, and that either doesn’t comply with DMCA requests; or if they do comply, the most they do is tell the requester they have no information, or just block certain ports/IPs of the offending server as a whole. You also will want a VPN that uses shared IP addresses. At no time should a VPN worth their weight in salt be able to link any activity done on their network with a specific user. Also, look for a provider that only blocks outgoing email ports to prevent spam, or doesn’t block any ports at all.

A couple providers that I recommend are Private Internet Access and Mullvad. Both of these providers don’t log anything, have solid privacy policies, and either comply with DMCA requests without risking a users privacy, or don’t comply at all.

If you do decide to take my advice and purchase a VPN; I in no way shape or form will be held responsible for what you do with it. I in no way shape or form condone nor recommend the use of a VPN for illegal purposes, this includes any type of copyright infringement. You are completely responsible for anything you do with your VPN.

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