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I frequently read the latest discussions on the Windows subreddit, however recently I’ve noticed more and more complaints about how Windows 10 handles incompatible applications. Apparently, if there are incompatible applications on a system after a Windows 10 update, Windows will automatically uninstall them. This has a lot of people upset, and rightfully so.

Users have reported applications ranging from Speccy to the AMD Catalyst Control Center being removed. Giving up control and power to the operating system to make decisions like this for you is dangerous, and shouldn’t be tolerated. What if Windows automatically removes critical software from your computer?

Your operating system should not uninstall anything without your consent period. There is a point of oversimplification, and there’s a point where it gets more dangerous then giving the user a choice. I realize Microsoft is just trying to make things simpler for those who know next to nothing about computers, but taking away choice isn’t a good way to go about simplifying things.

Here is what I think Windows should do in the case of an update making an application incompatible. Windows should simply let the user know, either before or after the update that an application is incompatible due to this update, and then ask if they would like to leave it installed, or uninstall it. This is still easy to understand for basic computer users, yet leaves the choice to the user.

So, what’s your take on this? Will this change your mind about upgrading to Windows 10?

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