ZenCloud Review

August 19, 2014

ZenCloud is a hosted cryptocurrency mining service. This means that ZenCloud hosts ASIC miners for you in their datacenter. One big difference between them and services like CEX is the hardware miners you buy, you own and can have shipped to you at any time. However, the miner at the ZenCloud datacenter is not the miner you will receive if you request them to ship it to you.

Call it either an evolution, or a revolution; ZenCloud is the future of mining!

First impressions:

To get started, all I had to do was buy a ZenCloud hosted miner from the GAWMiner’s store front. They offer both Scrypt, and SHA-256 miners. They also sell Hashlets, which are pretty much shares on a large ASIC, or hardware miners that you own and can have shipped to you. I opted for both hardware and Hashlet Scrypt miners. I completed my purchase easily, and quickly received my activation codes via email. I then took my codes and headed to the ZenCloud website. From there, I made an account, and went to the miners section of the page. I was able to easily activate my miners by pressing the “+” button. In the code activation box, you can enter your code, and name your miners whatever you want. I then just had to select the pool I wanted to mine for. Was it really this simple to get my miners online? And the answer is yes!

Shortly after the Hashlets were released, ZenCloud opened up the ability to convert hardware miners to Hashlets. I decided to go for it, and converted all my hardware miners to Hashlets. This almost worked flawlessly. There was a bug preventing a couple of my miners from upgrading, however the bug was fixed within minutes.

ZenCloud Miners Section

The Website:

The ZenCloud website has a nice and simple layout. The total balance in the account is at the top, along with profile settings. You also get what are called ZenPoints. ZenPoints can be used for discounts on future purchases. You can change what section of the site you are on from the sidebar. In the miners section, it’s very easy to add miners, and change pools by simple dragging and dropping it’s icon onto one of the miners. You can also purchase miners directly from the ZenCloud website with Bitcoin.

ZenCloud Dashboard


ZenCloud gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and so far I’ve had very little downtime. The pools that ZenCloud have chosen have also not gone down at all.


The cost to operate your miners on ZenPool is $0.08 USD a day per MH. The fee for Hashlets will fluctuate with the market, so that they stay profitable.

Pool Options:

The ZenCloud gives you plenty of options to choose from on the pool side; they even have their own pool that they claim will always be the most profitable called ZenPool. Currently, ZenPool is only available to Hashlets. The pools they have are either Scrypt, or SHA-256 based, and the ones you can choose depend on the miners you have.

ZenCloud Pools

Final Thoughts:

ZenCloud truly seems to be a better way to mine. Instead of having to run power supplies with tons of cables in your own house, they do it for you in their reliable datacenter. It is more stable this way as well, as their network provider is more stable then many, if not all home internet connections.

Sources: HashTalk, ZenCloud

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